Pretzel dip поза фото видео

Pretzel dip поза фото видео

Watopia’s “Mega Pretzel” was released with Zwift’s February 1, 2018 update as the longest available route for Zwift’s iconic course. At the time of its release it covered every segment of the course except the radio tower climb, and in fact covered nearly all segments in both directions. The Alpe du Zwift climb is notably absent from this route since the Alpe was released after the route was created.

The Mega Pretzel begins and ends on the land bridge connecting the volcano to the Italian village. The segments covered, in order, are:

  • Begin on Volcano land bridge to Italian Village
  • Jungle Circuit reverse
  • Epic KOM reverse
  • Hilly forward
  • Volcano climb
  • Esses forward
  • Ocean Blvd forward
  • Epic KOM forward
  • Jungle Circuit forward
  • Hilly reverse
  • Finish at start location

Route details:
Distance: 107km (66.5 miles)
Elevation Gain: 1642m (5387′)
Strava Forward Segment



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