World medical

World medical


There are different categories of membership within the WMA:

  1. Constituent Membership – This category of members is typically represented by National Associations of Physicians from different countries in the world. Such associations are broadly representative of the physicians of their country by virtue of their membership, with their voting membership being limited to physicians and medical students. They are not subject to, or controlled by, any office or agency of government.
  2. Associate Membership – Individual physicians can join the WMA as Associate Members, with voting rights at the Annual Associate Members Meeting and the right to participate in the General Assembly through the chosen representatives of the Associate Members.
  3. Other classes of Membership can also be established by the Assembly, should it be appropriate and in the best interest of the WMA.

Benefits of Membership

  1. Recognition and acceptance as a member of an international organization such as the WMA lends tremendous credibility to a National Medical Association (NMA). This is particularly true when there is more than one professional association representing physicians in a country.
  2. The WMA is in official relations with United Nations agencies such as the World Health Organization, which gives NMAs and Associate Members access to these world bodies.
  3. By participating in the debate with colleagues from all over the world, NMAs and Associate Members have the opportunity to provide the world with valuable ethical guidance and leadership in health care.
  4. Information and knowledge can be sourced from the WMA, which can contribute to the optimal efficacy of NMAs and individual physicians.
  5. NMAs and Associate Members can make use of the WMA’s products and services.


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